NTO Chilled or Warm Mala Noodle: B&C's favourite
NTO Chilled or Warm Mala Noodle: B&C's favourite
NTO Chilled or Warm Mala Noodle: B&C's favourite

NTO Chilled or Warm Mala Noodle: B&C's favourite


This 不太油辣麻面 NTO Chilled Mala Noodle is a special recipe that my mom created. Can be eaten chilled or warm. Will be sent to you chilled.

Bill and I don't take chili spice very well but interestingly, we loveeee mala as it is in a class of its own. However, most mala dishes we have eaten are quite oily and the proteins used are usually compromised so when my mom made this, she made sure that it would have little oil and be cooked with high quality protein and we decided on very juicy and tender Japanese beef from the Okayama Perfecture. 

This dish could be eaten as a main meal or appetizer. It uses 200g of Jap beef from the Okayama Prefecture, Taiwanese Sundried Black Sesame Noodle, finely sliced seasonal roots (3 colors of carrots where possible) and pomelo. 

This dish will evoke your buds in many ways: 
1. 冷 chilled: this is a chilled or room temperature dish
2. 酸 Sour: the noodle is seasoned with a vinaigrette mala sauce
3. 甜 Sweet: the shred of cucumber, carrots, fresh bamboos & pomelos are stir-fried with a sweet mala sauce
4. 苦 Bitter: All mala has a very pleasant, mild, bitter after taste, this is characteristic of good and fresh mala spice. It is there, savour it.
5. 辣 Spicy: the kick of spice is in the Jap beef which is stir-fried to medium doneness and send to you still tender.
6. 麻 Mala: All the 3 key ingredients use 3 different types of mala spices, the beef uses the strongest 麻椒,the noodle uses the milder 花椒,and the veg uses the most gentle but fragrant 藤椒.

Freezer: NA

Chiller: 1 day

Best with: Kokumi Bliss

Portion & packaging: 1-2 pax portion with 200g of Jap Beef, Taiwan Sun Black Sesame noodle and beautifully shredded veg packed in a glass container which is refundable at $4. Actual cost is $38-$4= $34.

To Serve: Eat it when it arrives chilled or warm up oven steam for 15mins before serve. Microwave is an option but we do not use microwave in our home.