Hygiene and Safety

Environment: Food is prepared in a smoke-free and pet-free environment. Bakeries and desserts are prepared in a room of temperature 20 Celsius and below for the best texture and to maintain the freshness of ingredients. 


Worktops and Cook Station: Our worktops are made out of natural granite or stainless steel. The entire cooking station is plated with stainless steel which is extremely durable and resistant to stain, rust, heat and also reduces the risk of bacterial contaminations.


Equipment: The fridges are commercial standard, our ovens and steamers are german made. Our pots and pans are made of cast iron, grade 304 or 316 standard stainless steel, or ceramic. No aluminium, coated ceramic or PTFE equipment is used to avoid lead poisoning and reduce the chances of chemical leaks into the food.


Personal Hygiene: Clean attire, hair is neatly tied up, no nail polish or hand cream is allowed, gloves are worn appropriately. 

Food gloves:

  1. Gloves may have higher levels of food contamination since the moist environment inside the gloves encourages bacteria growth and may be passed on from food to food.
  2. They are often worn for a longer time than they should be and give a false sense of security as a substitute for good hand hygiene practices.
  3. They trap soil and food residues longer and more stubbornly than hands.