Discerning Our Ingredients

Premium Ingredients: By athletes. For athletes. Beyond athletes. 

We train about 4 hours a day and clock between 28 hours during off season to 35 hours before tournaments. As athletes, we are stringent with our choice of ingredients such as sugar, protein, carbo etc because our bodies need them not just to satisfy our hunger but also for recovery, repair and replenishment. Bad ingredients can hinder recovery, cause  inflammation and introduce allergens and trigger allergies. Therefore, we have personal experience in selecting good ingredients for everyone.

Our ingredients are guided with the following rules:

1. Sugar: no direct white sugar (some sauces or ingredients that we use may include white sugar). No sugar-free products since we believe they contain too many chemicals. We only use brown sugar, cane sugar, natural sugar from dates or fruits etc.

2. Protein: non-GMO only. The different meats we use are from different countries and quality sellers.
Chicken: local fresh produce
Beef: Japan, USA
Lamb: New Zealand
Pork: Spain

3. Seafood: non-GMO, caught from the wild and sustainable sources. Some of our seafood are frozen as they are sourced from South Atlanta, the Patagonian, Mediterranean Sea, etc. King Salmon is NZ farmed but please check out the dish to know why we would recommend it.

4. Fruits & Vegetables: Fresh & non-GMO

5. Carbs: no white rice. We only use low GI options such as basmati, quinoa, millet, barley, vegetables and roots etc.

6. Milk and Oil: Only freshly squeezed coconut milk and Danish milk, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for no heat or low heat cooking, sesame & sunflower seed oil for medium heat cooking and peanut oil for high heat cooking.

7. Sauces & Condiments: Does not contain MCPD(cancer causing), refined vegetable oil, nitrates, high amounts of sodium or artificial flavourings.

8. Flour: unbleached only.