Who We Are

Hi! We are a pair of siblings who play the same sports, go to the same school and even train together. Hence, it was only natural that we embarked on this new project together with our mom.

We wish we can say that our initial motivation was to show the world that disposables are not a necessity in the F&B industry but it was to make some money to contribute towards our journey as junior athletes. As we learnt about how many disposables are used in Singapore, and that so much comes from food businesses, we decided to embark on this journey to be the first food business with 0 disposables.

Our mom cooks very well. In between her work, tennis, friends and family, we are very thankful that she supports us in this project with her time and recipes.

We do not expect to make alot of money since our capacity is limited and we discern our ingredients and sources stringently. But if StAUNCH Food motivates you to stop using disposables, then we have succeeded.