For F&B Friends

Hello friends of F&Bs,

Are you surprised how a tiny business like us can go zero disposables? Are you thinking of giving it a shot at reducing disposables or even going zero disposables? 

We are here to make it easier for you and we are most happy to share all our resources with you so you don't have to have as hard a time as us looking at options and incur money and time loss. 

1. Glass Containers with Optional Vents, Glass bottles, glass jars etc

We buy from a China Supplier which supplies in bigger volume. For smaller volume, you may buy from Taobao, you should buy and test out if they are indeed microwavable and oven safe and we can tell you which ones we have tried too, Some that we have tried had cracked in the oven at 160dc. Please include GST and shipment in your costing as well. We ship via our mom's friend and can share the contact with you. Email us with your business email only.

2. Banana Leaves

All markets and Supermarkets sell in small quantities of 5 to 10 pieces. There are 2 specialised stalls in Tekka market that sells in bulk but they run out fast. We usually preorder and arrange for pickup.

3. Areca Nut Leaf (Opeh Leaf)

Supplier 1) 8 Pasir Panjang Wholesale 

Cheapest source. Currently selling in pack of 10 pieces, raw and uncut. You need to boil, scrub, wash and trim them before using. A lot of work.

Supplier 2)

Around $3 each. Sells in pack of 5 or 10. Trimmed and cut. Minimum cleaning.



All prices quoted are for reference only, the supplier may change their prices subject to supply. Please share with us your resources too so we can learn from one another!

Zero Disposables, Endlessly Reusable.