100% Iberico Pork Rillette

100% Iberico Pork Rillette


Rillette is an old and traditional french dish to use up every bit of scraps and leftovers of an uncooked pig, or hog. It would then be simmered in leftover oil from other dishes then cooked over hours with all leftover herbs, spices, salt carelessly and served to the workers or eaten fuss-free. Very environmental dish! 

Rillette has since been given more attention, elevated to a deserving appetiser in good class restaurants. 

You can literally taste the sweetness of the 1005 pure iberico pork and smell the fragrance of the oil without any old meat, stale oil after-taste. Best to go with toasted flat bread and sourdough.

Portion: Pack in a 300g jar which is refundable at $0.50. 

Portion & packaging: pack in a 300g glass  jar (non-oven grade) which is refundable at $0.50. 

Freezer: 2 weeks

Chiller: 3 days

To Serve: Perfect to eat at around 10 degree celsius (still chilled but softened) over a slice of warm sourdough.