So Shiok Lamb Ragu with gluten free kuay teow

So Shiok Lamb Ragu with gluten free kuay teow


Super shiok you know?

Mom has recently tasted amazing lamb dishes in the east & west side of the world, so here we are offering this Angmo lamb dish with my favourite Chinese gluten free carbs - kuay teow!

A juicy slab of grain fed New Zealand Lamb, which is reared for their meat. Their slaughter age is relatively younger than their friends in other countries, hence they are the least gamy. Marinated, cured and cooked for 3 days, then shredded to serve with gluten free kuay teow (giant shell shaped pasta), cherry tomatoes, finely diced super sweet and "fiberless" golden triangle pineapple (it is out of season now, we bought more to freeze store) , chilli , lime and fresh herbs. To ensure the food taste as close to as freshly cooked, sauce is packed aside!

Best with: Ceviche

Portion & packaging: Pack in 1500ml glass container and sauce jar which are refundable for $3 & $0.50 respectively upon return.

Freezer: 1 week

Chiller: 1 day

To Serve: Pour sauce into lamb dish and bring to a short boil to serve