Refreshing! Char-Smoked Ceviche

Refreshing! Char-Smoked Ceviche


Has the thought of a dish stimulated your salivary glands?

Mexican originated but reminds us so much of Spain where we first tried. Our 1st visit was a holiday, 2nd visit was the opening of Rafael Nadal's Academy and 3rd visit was a 6 weeks tennis/work trip. Mom was very busy with her work and us since restaurants opened very late at 1pm & 8pm and our training and tournament schedules didn't allow dining in restaurants except on weekends. She dished out variants: minced pork porridge, chinese chives pancake, stews, meat skewers, steaks, chicken rice, pastas and desserts. Bill had a bad allergy attack with broken skins, lips and sores and Mom had to stay awake through the night to cream him while he slept so his skin stayed moist and his sleep would not be too disturbed. Anyway, the dish that got Bill going was Ceviche. Many nights before Mom sleeps, she would prepare the Ceviche as it needed to be marinated overnight for a better flavour and was Mom's stunt at that trip to get us polished our salads and super trios (Quinoa, Chia seed, Farros which we dislike) along with it. 

All these felt normal then but on afterthought now, it was unbelievable. 

Ceviche 'cold-cooks' the fish by breaking down its protein so the fish turns white but it cannot kill bacteria as well as heat. We give our Japanese Sashimi Grade Hamachi a quick smoke grill using binchotan charcoal to kill the bacteria before we 'ceviche' it.  Hence the fragrant char smokiness lingers in the dish. 

Best with: Parmesan Garlic Chicken, Beef Bourguignon, Jacket Potatoes, Sourdough

Portion & packaging: Packed in a 700ml oven-grade glass container (refundable $3), 

Chiller: All to be kept in chiller and consume within 24 hours. To Serve: Consume immediately.