Chilled Saucey Citrusy Pasta

Chilled Saucey Citrusy Pasta


The broth is simmered with alot of fish meat, lemon, wine, asian herbs, chilli & onion the blended. An appetising stunner with minced pork and squids over angel hair pasta. Topped with arugula salad, onion and tomatoes. 

NOTE: We plan to serve this dish with the juicy baby squid but we cannot be sure if it would be available on the day we cooked. If it is not available, we will send it with normal squid.

Portion & packaging: pack in an oven-grade 1500ml glass container which is refundable at $3. The actual price of the item is $3 less.

Chiller: best consumed within 6 hrs 

To Serve: Keep refrigerated, pour in the accompanied sauce to mix in and enjoy