Ohh Fluffy Buttery & A Touch Of Crisp!


Oh butter cookies!!!

So fluffy buttery with a touch of crisp! Uniquely from our home seriously. A pity that we only bake this as a treat or to give away. 

The most recent batch was baked for Bill before his trip, and as a gift for Uncle Sherman and Aunty Hsiu Lien.  The next batch will be for StAUNCH's September specials cum my post prelims treat :-) 

Unbleached flour, French and New Zealand Butter. With a touch of crisp! 

Portion & Package:  Packed in 750ml reusable oven grade glass container which is refundable at $2 upon return on next order.

Best with: your favourite coffee, tea or on its own


Keep at room temperature for up to 9days.