French Duck & Aussies Party


I(Claire) love vegetables & salads now but when I was a little kid, I used to hate all kinds of vegetables. I detested them so much that at times, I would puke. This drastic change did not happen by chance, it was a persevering effort over many years to feed me meat along with different vegetables, like this dish.  

How does 1 whole tender & moist French duck thigh confit paired with Australian cauliflower sound? Would adding Australian mushrooms & organic kalesundried tomatoes, then topping with super stretchy mozzarella  make a great party? 

No additional oil has been used in this dish. Even the French duck confit is grilled separately and "de-oiled" before it is being sat on the Aussies' veg. The oil you will see is from New Zealand diary maker Anchor's super stretch mozzarella cheese, which is a premium cheese in price and quality.

Portion & packaging: pack in an oven-grade glass container which is refundable at $3. The actual price of the item is $3 less.

Freezer: 1 week

Chiller: 1 day

To Serve: Duck will be sent 3/4 grilled. So it will be perfect upon your heating up. When thawed, remove plastic cover of the container, put into toaster or oven to re-bake at 220 celsius for 15mins. Microwave is an option.