Goldilocks' Porridge
Goldilocks' Porridge
Goldilocks' Porridge
Goldilocks' Porridge

Goldilocks' Porridge


Please do not think we are snotty when we tell you that we don't quite like porridge unless it is from a restaurant in Hong Kong or home-cooked. Porridge is not exactly teens' food so we are picky about it.

Yet, porridge was our craves when we were on long trips for winter's tennis or in the alps, and satiation cannot depict enough of how we felt when it was cooked for us. Perhaps Goldilocks would know :)

Broth: We are very big on soup and broth so the porridge broth is prepared prior with chicken, pork and dried Octopus & scallops. Our porridge do not turn runny easily because of the technique and time that are used to cook it. We hand-mince and pound the iberico pork (a MUST to achieve the right texture) in the 2 variants:  

1. with Jap Oysters: 

  • rich source of iron from Japanese dried oysters 
  • Quality protein from hand minced and pounded Iberico Pork
  • iron from black moss
  • 1 dried Jap oysters
  • Optional: Uniquely juicey & sea-fresh sweetness Jap oysters at $6 each. Oysters will lose water to shrink around 40% after it is cooked.

2. with Kimchi & Toothfish

  • very good omega 3 from Patagonian toothfish
  • Quality protein from hand minced & pounded Iberico Pork
  • probiotics from Kimchi from Korea

They are topped with home made fresh chilli, ginger, spring onion and parsley as garnishes when sent to you. 

There are a few options of Patagonian Toothfish (we hope you will not mistaken it as a good cod) It taste distinctly non cod-fish like but with a clean-oily-fish-sweet taste. It costs a lot but being Patagonian wild-caught, deep-sea 4000km, MSC sustainable, Omega packed and as published by NZSFA, toothfish caught in Antarctica is low in Mercury, it is reasonable to come with a premium.

You may buy Patagonian toothfish from the below merchants in Singapore:

Portion & packaging:  Pack in a 1000ml glass container that is refundable for $4. Actual cost of the dish is $4 less. 

To Serve: Our Porridge's texture do NOT turn runny easily because of the technique and time we used to cook it. It may thicken as it loses heat so you may add some water (gradually by the spoon please) when you bring it to a boil to reach a dilution of your preference. Microwave is an option but we do not use the microwave in our home.