Granola Crisps : Limit to 1 per customer

Granola Crisps : Limit to 1 per customer


We have eaten so many granola bars during tournaments that we have come to detest them. In Singapore's hot and humid weather, the already sticky granolas turn soggy, while the nuts and raisins almost always taste stale.  

So we wanted to create a granola that 

  • has 9 premium ingredients: fresh whole medjool dates from Jordan, steel cut oats (higher in fiber, less processed and lower in GI than rolled oats), cranberries, skinned almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seed, organic tricolor quinoa, Himalaya natural sea salt;
  • does not melt and turn soggy after 24 hours in our humid and hot weather;
  • is super crisp & ultra tasty;
  • is super nutty seedy fruity fresh; 
  • bite size.

and we did it! Customers asked why do we have to limit our granola crisp purchase to one per order. It is because our granola crisp is produced individually under our slow bake technique. This limits our capacity but produces a product that has a long lasting freshness and crispness. Please do not make multiple orders online.

Best with : your coffee or tea

Portion & packaging: pack in an oven-grade container that is refundable at $3. The actual price of the item is $3 less. 

Pre-Serving: keep at room temperature and away from the sun for up to 1 weeks.