Note: This dish has zero oil but uses the Kurobuta cheek which although has been trimmed of all its surface fats and using only the lean part,  is still well muscled and  marbled hence perfect for grill, if one can do a good job.

KO! is an acronym for 

1. KnockOut! Our first pork dish needs a heart-felt name exactly.

2. Kurobuta cheek and Onigiri. This dish has 2 of my favourite food.  Excellent proteins grilled and WHITE rice! Yes I am deprived of white rice at home because it is a bare nutrients carb hence my mom rarely uses it. Well, it is mixed with Super trio so its super healthy (not complaining).

Bill here, I eat a lot and many times a day, so there are always healthy meals kept in the fridge/freezer for me so I can eat, then eat again, and again. This dish is super easy to reheat and it is best eaten with your fingers while on Netflix or studying 🤣!!!

This table works better for me to illustrate this dish, hope it works for you too.

Grilled Kurobuta Usually Staunch's 
Protein Unknown source and cuts

Grilled USA California Kurobuta cheek, most flavourful but difficult to handle. Soft fiber (not low), highly muscled & collagen, higher unsaturated fats content makes Cheek a choice protein.

Australian broccoli & broccolini blanched and tossed with the home-made sauce, perfect to eat after reheating.
Sauce & Marinade I don't know Home-made, it is what makes the exclamation in knockout!
Nitrate (to keep the "pink" & preserve the texture in cooked protein) sodium nitrate which is BAD for the heart 🖤 Fresh Australian celery juice, a natural nitrate which is good for the heart ❤️
Oil process oil, olive oil, granola oil etc Zero oil. Every drop of oil is from the protein's own. We believe good natural oil is an essential part of our diet.
Onigiri Usually Staunch's 




white rice



cooked in fish broth, not water!

Super trio: Quinoa, Farro, Chia, which my mom believes are the 3 super grains, and Japanese sushi WHITE rice.


Salted brine

USA, California, unsalted applewood smoked bacon are wrapped inside the onigiri.


I don't know

Kampot black pepper. I can taste the difference, I hope you too. Babies beware.
Sauce & Marinade I don't know again Home-made, it is what makes the exclamation in knockout!


🔥 💥 🌟 Grilled proteins, especially pork, do not travel well. They toughen and become quite dry after reheating. Mom uses a natural nitrate concept with freshly squeezed celery juice as a base to do the trick. Reheat this dish to enjoy the "cheeky" texture and oozing juice like it is freshly grilled. This is a zero oil recipe. 

Would highly recommend to eat this dish with your fingers (that sauce should not be wasted on the cutleries).

Best with: Spring & Summer Salad

Portion: Sliced Kurobuta cheeks, 2 onigiri, Broccoli & broccolini will be sent in a glass container, refundable for $4. 

Freezer: 1 week only

Chiller: 1 day only

To Serve: Put the container (with the broccoli) into the oven, warm up at 180 celsius for 10-15 mins. Microwave is an option although we do not use the microwave in our home.