Kokumi Bliss: 八宝汤 Collagenous Soup
Kokumi Bliss: 八宝汤 Collagenous Soup
Kokumi Bliss: 八宝汤 Collagenous Soup

Kokumi Bliss: 八宝汤 Collagenous Soup



This is a really clean, sweet collagen soup without a tint of the usual gamy meat smell or after taste (which Bill and I are so scaredddd!!!!) in a collagen broth.

A delicious and healthy soup with 8 agreeing ingredients which are only as important as how their collagen would be converted at the right temperature and time without destroying the nutrients.

We were taught that Kokumi is the 6th taste after sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and umami. It is a Japanese word that literally means rich taste, which is very different from the oil taste which we shun.  The rich taste is contradicting, it gives your palate a complete fullness yet you crave more, it is definitely not simple nor is it compoundingly complex. In our own diction, It is bliss.

We have soup almost daily and we had thought that collagenous and lips glueing soup are common until recently, I have come to know that most people have not experienced such a blissful texture in soups. This is the main reason why Bill and I decided to launch this soup, which has costly ingredients, after much deliberation.    

Kokumi Bliss 八宝汤 is not a herbal soup since no herbs are being used.  Prepared over 2 days with 3 fresh proteins: Whole Kampung chicken, pork ribs, fishbones(we do not brew our broth with just bones or chicken feet because we want the complete nutrients and clean sweetness of the proteins) and 5 soothing and nourishing dried proteins: Conch, premium-grade A sea whelk,  Japanese scallop, Honey dates and 60x28cm giant dried cuttlefish. These ingredients were put to a varied temperature at varied time span to convert their collagen fully without destroying the nutrients. 

These ingredients work together to give an extremely high content of good omega, calcium, potassium, vitamins C, A, K and amino acids. This soup is a well of nutrients to boost immunity, combat body and mental/exam stress haha! 

Best with: NTO Chilled Mala Noodle

Portion & packaging:  2-pax portion pack in a 1000ml glass container that is refundable for $4. No ingredients except a portion of the Kampung chicken will be included so that the container has capacity to hold 2 bowls of soup. Actual cost of the dish is $39-$4= $35. 

To Serve:  Bring the soup to a boil and serve. Microwave is an option but we do not use the microwave in our home.