My Study Snack - Cordon Bleu King Salmon in Kazu Flatbread Wrap

My Study Snack - Cordon Bleu King Salmon in Kazu Flatbread Wrap


What is your study snack?

Ours are a mix of fresh fruits, nuts, sometimes unhealthy snacks but mostly homemade "get smarter" snacks :-).

May & June continue to be busy months for those of us sitting for major exams and Mom created this  wonderous snack that makes snacking a total addiction and distracted my studies literally seriously! I usually take 2 in one-go for a filling snack but Bill will  probably take 6.

Kazu root flatbread, a thin bread that has similar texture as the crusty layer of a very good baguette or sourdough but only thinner but stronger. How very interesting!

A juicy slab (not shredded flakes) of NZ King Salmon (read below for more info pls!)  done Cordon bleu style with honey baked ham & cheese, donn in a glistening homemade sauce made of avocado & fresh tomato pestos. 

Not just an orange fish, there were a few options for chilled King Salmons but we decided on the NZ Akaroa King Salmon which is reared in the pristine and very clean Lucas Bay, near Pacific Ocean, sustainably grown, harvested and processed, with traceable provenance.   

This is the only farmed fish that we will recommend because it has a 99% water, 1% fish pen ratio, sealand watch dogs have given it more ticks than some open seas, and is farmed only up to 6x a year. This protein is highest in oil content but lowest in fishy flavour as compared to its counterparts in other regions. A powerhouse of nutrition, packed with Omega-3s, Vitamins D, B6 and B12 and selenium. You should purchase this fish from Fishmongers to cook at home too ! This is one of the fishmongers that offer this cut at 1kg size:

Portion & packaging: 3 or 6 pieces. Containers are refundable at $2 or $3 respectively.

Freezer: 1 week  
Chiller: 2 days

Note: Despite care to remove bones, some may remain. Please exercise caution.

To Serve: It is flatbread wrap so it will be soft when cold or at room temperature. Bring  to crisp by air-fry  at 180 celsius for 10mins ( when thaw) or into a toaster or oven to re-bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 15mins(when thaw). Microwave is not an option.