Fireplace Rosemary Lemony Lamb Pilaf (4pax portion)
Fireplace Rosemary Lemony Lamb Pilaf (4pax portion)

Fireplace Rosemary Lemony Lamb Pilaf (4pax portion)


Communal dining is a quintessential dining experience, family and friends around the table. We serve a hearty dish for this festive.

A juicy slab of Lamb marinated and cooked over 3 days and served with orzo pasta (shaped like rice), organic tricolor quinoa and 24 months aged brown basmati rice to make a hearty festive complete meal. 

A slab of grainfed New Zealand Lamb which is the least gamy that we have tried in Singapore is seasoned with a bed of rosemary, oregano, lemon & garlic overnight and slow cooked till tender and juicy. It is serve with a mix pilaf of orzo pasta (shaped and sized like rice), organic tricolor quinoa & aged bismati, cauliflowers, carrots, sundried olives & tomatoes & vine leaves.

Sent to you wrapped with 2  banana leafs which serve both as an ingredient and  brilliant package that keeps it fresh and adds another layer of smokiness and flavour when you bake it before serving. The low GI and high protein ingredients make this dish a top choice for either an athlete or one watching his GI intake.

Best with: Fireplace Bloom

Portion & packaging:  Packed in boiled, washed and cleaned fresh banana leaf.  

Freezer: 1 week

Chiller: 1 day

To Serve: When thawed, put into toaster/oven with banana leaf intact to toast using FAN mode at 230 celsius for 15-20 mins. Leaf should be burnt hence microwave is not recommended. Sauce jar is not oven safe so should be poured out to warm up either in the oven or over fire. 

Sauce: remove the cover and heat up the sauce in the jar using fan mode at 120 celsius for 10 mins. OR remove cap and microwave to heat up