Squid Ink Grilled NZ King Salmon On Veg & Carb
Squid Ink Grilled NZ King Salmon On Veg & Carb

Squid Ink Grilled NZ King Salmon On Veg & Carb


A dish with absolutely zero oil, every golden drip is from King Salmon itself. So tender, sweet, juicy and unbelievably tasty. Who would have thought that a squid ink sauce would go so well with Salmon, albeit King Salmon? 

A juicy slab of King Salmon rests on a bed of locally grown organic kale, cherry tomatoes and low GI multi-grained rice. Drizzle them with a glistening Spanish squid ink sauce which is our unique concoction. 

This recipe uses 6 ways of cooking so that all the ingredients travel well for a takeaway order. 

1. A juicy fillet about 200g is grilled to perfection on an areca nut leave, retaining its juice and omega;

2. Skin roasted oil-free to a crackling crisp;

3. Specially concocted squid ink sauce simmered;

4. Multi-grained rice boiled with fish stocks;

5. Locally grown organic kale and cherry tomatoes lightly sauteed in Salmon's oil.

6. Finally, the areca nut leaf wrap. Singaporeans are familiar with how areca nut leaf has been used as a wrap for seafood dishes like seafood hokkien noodles and char kway teow with cockles. It's used mainly for seafood dishes because its mild sea-salt woodiness brings out the freshness & flavour of seafood. This finishing ingredient also acts as a perfect 100% eco-friendly wrap.

Not just an orange fish, there were a few options for chilled King Salmons but we decided on the NZ Akaroa King Salmon which is reared in the pristine and very clean Lucas Bay, near Pacific Ocean, sustainably grown, harvested and processed, with traceable provenance.   

This is the only farmed fish that we will recommend because it has a 99% water, 1% fish pen ratio, sealand watch dogs have given it more ticks than some open seas, and is farmed only up to 6x a year. This protein is highest in oil content but lowest in fishy flavour as compared to its counterparts in other regions. A powerhouse of nutrition, packed with Omega-3s, Vitamins D, B6 and B12 and selenium. You should purchase this fish from Fishmongers to cook at home too ! This is one of the fishmongers that offer this cut at 1kg size: https://tinyurl.com/3ct4s99k

Best with: Spring Summer Salad  

Portion & packaging: A complete meal of plum fillet about 200g, veg and rice pack in areca nut leaf. A small piece of areca is placed between the skin and fish to hold the crisp, please remove it before consumption. Squid ink sauce is packed separately in a jar.

Chiller: 6 hours

Note: Despite care to remove bones, some may remain. Please exercise caution.

To Serve: Put the entire wrap into a toaster or oven to re-bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 5mins (if dish is at room temperature) or 10mins(if dish is from chiller). You may opt to toast the crispy fish skin for another 3-5mins to torch the crisp again. Microwave is not an option.