Bait Up! Signature Dish - Limit to 4 per customer
Bait Up! Signature Dish - Limit to 4 per customer

Bait Up! Signature Dish - Limit to 4 per customer


Limit purchase to 4 per customer only. 

This deceptively humble looking dish is one of my mom's best creation and our signature dish

Organic tricolor quinoa and 24 months aged brown basmati rice with white baits, deboned fish, shrimps and fresh herbs. The banana leaf which serves both as an ingredient and packaging brilliantly keeps it fresh and adds another layer of smokiness and flavour when you bake it before serving. The low GI and high protein ingredients make this dish a top choice for either an athlete or one watching his GI intake. It is unbelievably superb in every way from effort, to nutrition, aroma and taste.

Bait Up will always be rested in fridge immediately after it is cooked and send to you chilled. This is for better flavour and a healthier food science. Reheated chilled carb produces almost 3x more resistant starch (like what a healthier fiber does) than when eaten immediately after cooked. Google "cold starch increases resistant starch" to read more. 

Best with: So good that you should eat it on its own.

Portion & packaging:  Packed in fresh banana leaf.  

Freezer: 1 week

Chiller: 1 day

To Serve: When thawed, put into toaster/oven with banana leaf intact to toast using FAN mode at 200 celsius for 15-20 mins. Leaf should be burnt hence microwave is not recommended. Open up the top of the leaf and send it into the toaster for another 5 mins for a little rice crisp to form before you serve.