100% Full Blood MB 9+ Wagyu Beef Bourguignon
100% Full Blood MB 9+ Wagyu Beef Bourguignon

100% Full Blood MB 9+ Wagyu Beef Bourguignon


We love stews. The most vivid memory was during a winter holiday, after many dissatisfying meals, Mom cooked a pot of beef Bourguignon and we had it for lunch, dinner and finally breakfast the next day, with endless enthusiasm.   

Do you know why we took a long time to come up with this? The primary sweetness of the stew must be from the beef, not the vegetables, so the beef must have an intensely sweet, meaty but never gamey flavour. We tested the recipe 8 times, with different cuts of beef from the US, Argentina and even Japan but they were just not right.  

You may not know that we did not like AU protein until we tried an MB9+ steak from a 100% full blood wagyu farm recently, my mom was impressed with the flavour, texture and so pleased to find a cut that is chunky, yet has some fats and tendons, perfect for a good stew. 

The result is the most succulently tender, melt in your mouth beef with mouth-watering flavour and depth, a rich but not overly thick sauce accompanied by Japanese white onions, US potatoes, carrots & mushrooms. 

Best with: Multi-grain rice, pasta, sourdough bread

Portion & packaging: pack in an oven-grade glass container which is refundable at $3. The actual price of the item is $3 less.

Freezer: 1 week

Chiller: 1 day 

To Serve: When thawed, remove the plastic cover of the container, put into toaster or oven to re-bake at 180 celsius for 20mins or heat up in a pot until boiling. Microwave is an option but we do not use microwave in our home.