Chessy Baked King Salmon & Chorizo Risotto/Risoni/Basmathi

Chessy Baked King Salmon & Chorizo Risotto/Risoni/Basmathi


Bill eats many meals a day and it must be packed with nutrients, good carbs and of course, tasty! 

This is one dish that he can eat ALOT!  

A big slab of King Salmon is embedded inside the risotto that is packed with minced chorizo, mushrooms, cauliflower, tomatoes for fiber, vitamins and texture. We also mixed in 3 different types of carbs because Bill likes all of them! We use our home made tomatoes paste, aged parmesan, aged cheddar and mozzarella cheese to finish up the bake. Squeeze in the lemon before serving! 

Portion & packaging: pack in an oven-grade glass container which is refundable at $3. The actual price of the item is $3 less.

Freezer: 1 week

Chiller: 1 day

To Serve: When thawed, remove plastic cover of the container, put into toaster or oven to re-bake at 200 celsius for 15mins. Microwave is an option.